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Jason Dismukes, Civil Engineering, Site Engineering and Structural Engineering in Connecticut
Jason Dismukes, Civil Engineering in CT

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When are permits necessary?

The need for permits varies from town to town. Projects are governed by regulatory authorities such as; local building departments, wetland and zoning commissions, State DEEP agency, and in some instances, US Army Corps of Engineers. The majority of construction projects will require a building permit as there are state and town codes to adhere to. Permits must be obtained before any construction, repairs or alterations begin. The Building Inspector, Zoning, Inlands and Wetlands departments will have the permit applications required for each stage of the project.

Who is responsible for obtaining permits?

Jason Dismukes, LLC provides permit application representation and administrative services to our client; however it is ultimately the responsibility of the property owner to obtain proper permits. We develop professional relationships and strive to maintain a good working rapport with those who regulate the projects we are seeking to permit. The regulatory process can be a daunting part of any project. Our philosophy is to build consensus with regulators during the preliminary design process when possible. We attend regulatory meetings; including inland wetlands, zoning, and zoning board of appeals, at all stages necessary and vigorously advocate on behalf of our clients. Jason Dismukes, LLC requires that a signed contract to be in place, as a means of authorization from the homeowner, before we can apply for permits on behalf of the client.

Does the client need to attend permitting meetings?

When a client seeks regulatory approval, we attend any meetings necessary to obtain approval for our client’s project. Some projects require public hearings. At a public hearing, any member of the general public can ask specific questions and speak in favor or against a permit application. Jason Dismukes, LLC is there to answer specific questions and provide clarity of the overall project intent. Our clients are encouraged to attend all meetings.

Why is it important to file for a permit?

Applying for all applicable permits is an important part of the process so as to ensure the project is completed in compliance with all local and state ordinances and regulations. Jason Dismukes, LLC provides permit services, however the responsibility ultimately lies on the property owner. Proper permitting is not only the law but is a smart investment in your project.

Civil Engineering, Site Engineering and Structural Engineering in CT
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